Youngs Launch UKAS Temperature Calibration Services

Expanding on the enhancements added during the COVID-19 restrictions, the Young Calibration Laboratory (Lab 0604) has invested a further £200,000 in reference instrumentation for the calibration of temperature and humidity sensors. Having successfully extended the UKAS scope of accreditation in the previous year, the company has further invested in both dry block and stirred liquid bath calibration systems, along with a range Fluke SPRT’s which will see continued improvements to the available CMC measurement uncertainty. Customers can expect to see improved turnaround times and extended capabilities for all temperature probes, loggers and bath calibrations in the -40 to 200°C temperature range over the coming months.

ISO 17025 Temperature Calibration within the laboratory covers the calibration of thermocouples, thermistors and platinum resistance probes using a range of leading manufacturer stirred liquid baths and SPRTs across a temperature range of -40 to 200°C with a CMC from ± 0.05°C. The reference SPRT’s provide a comparative measurement technique whilst held in stable isothermal states for optimum calibration periods offering cost effective calibrations.

Dry or air probe calibrations for system temperature measurements in HVAC probes, anemometers, IAQ sensors, data loggers, RH probes and weather stations can also be calibrated within a controlled environmental chamber across a 0 to 60°C range with a CMC from ± 0.19°C. For the user undertaking their own internal calibration work the laboratory is accredited for the calibration of dry block calibrators and stirred liquid baths using single and multipoint time dependent temperature profiling, also referred to as spatial temperature surveying or mapping with a CMC from ± 0.045°C. The company is also able to offer accredited calibration of standalone displays and readouts of temperature indic

ators using an electrical simulation for thermocouples and platinum resistance thermometers.

UKAS ISO 17025 Humidity Calibration Services

Complimenting the Temperature Calibration Laboratory is another of the company’s latest investments for its’ UKAS accredited relative humidity and dew point calibration services. The UKAS (Lab 0604) schedule now covers dew point calibration from -32 to 60°C, relative humidity calibration from 5 to 95% and all across a temperature range of 0 to 60°C. Utilising both controlled environment chambers with reference SPRT’s, chilled mirrors and comparative RH probes, the facility can achieve a Relative Humidity uncertainty CMC of ± 0.2% to 1.9% across the full temperature range of 0-60°C whilst achieving a ± 0.31°C CMC for dew point measurement. Customers can now benefit from complete system calibrations for their indoor air quality meters (IQA), ventilator analysers, thermo-

hygrometers, weather stations and data logging systems, helping to gain confidence for a range of regulatory good practice requirements.

UKAS Air Velocity Calibration for the accredited calibration of anemometers, L type and S type pitot probes, wind speed devices, kiel probes and isokinetic probes. All standard and UKAS certificates for pitot probes come with the derivation of the pitot tube coefficients, gamma and/or K factors. The facility has both open and closed jet systems allowing detailed research studies and the ability to quickly determine blockage corrections for air velocity devices. UKAS accredited air velocity calibration can be completed across a range of 0.05 to 80 m/s providing world leading anemometer services for transfer standard anemometers and air velocity probes. The SOPs’ cover the requirements for emissions sampling to ISO 10780 and ISO 3966 and the requirements of the Source Testing Association (STA). The facility is highly adapted towards the reference meter and master meter range of air velocity sensors with an available CMC from ± 0.15% + 0.0002 m/s for pitot probes and ± 0.16% + 0.0003 m/s for thermal and ultrasonic anemometers.

Pressure Calibration services covering gauge, differential and absolute ranges are available from absolute of 1 torr to a gauge of 10,000 bar. Pressure reference instrumentation comes from leading manufactures such as Desgranges et Huot, Mensor, Budenberg, HBM, Furness Controls and Fluke for gauge and differential measurements and GE/Druck and MKS Baratron for vacuum and differential measurements. With the latest edition of the company’s high-pressure comparator and reference strain gauge sensors, pressure calibration capabilities now reach up to 10,000 bar, helping the UK supply base customers in the water jet cutting, hydraulic and diesel injector testing sectors. With the COVID-19 pandemic support now subsiding for our oxygen clean service support to the medical and NHS Trusts, the company is now able to offer all customers our Oxygen Clean Pressure Calibration facilities.

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