Young Calibration extends its’ support to automotive powertrain testing companies

Young Calibration extends its’ support to automotive powertrain testing companies for ICE, EV and Hybrid technologies with its’ leading ISO 17025 calibration accreditation services. Having made the successful transition to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 during its’ recent UKAS re-assessment, the company continues to expand its’ laboratory and onsite based instrumentation calibration services to the ever-changing requirements of the automotive test and development sector. The rapidly changing environment, now encompassing alternative fuels, hybridisation, electrical and hydrogen systems coupled with an enormous push for improved powertrain efficiency with the integration of electrical, thermal recovery and regeneration systems has greatly expanded the instrumentation complexity and its calibration requirements.

The inhouse expertise of the company engineers within the advanced engineering sector, their knowledge of electro-mechanical, thermal and emissions systems coupled with many years of employment within the automotive R&D test environment, provides a leading edge against other calibration laboratories. Having over 80-man years of automotive test and development engineering expertise allows Young Calibration to provide a truly bespoke service to the powertrain test, rig test and vehicle test departments. Advanced knowledge of test bed and vehicle rolling road systems from the leading suppliers ensures its’ calibration engineers are effective and operational with the minimal of customer support. Engineers are proficient in the use of Horiba, AVL, Froude, FEV, Kratzer, DSG, TA, Sierra, Superflow and Taylor test benches. Presently the company offers UKAS accredited calibration for a range of test bed instrumentation at its Shoreham by Sea laboratory for coolant flow, oil flow, air intake, blowby, fuel flow, engine speed, wind speed, pressure, electrical and temperature simulation. Supporting the fixed test bed and rolling road instrumentation the company can offer UKAS, ISO 17025 for engine speed, PT100 and RTD channels, analogue input, T and K type channels, frequency and pressure. Soon to be added to their schedule will be the facility to offer full system calibration for temperature and humidity probes

Air Intake Flow Calibration, the UKs leading provider of automotive and aviation air flow calibration services, available for all meter models and principles established within the industry, including the popular thermal mass flowmeter from Sensysflow, laminar flowmeters from Cussons & Meriam, vortex blowby meters from ECM and  J-Tec, OEM MAF sensors from Bisch and Delphi, AVL orifice blow-by meters and general flow instrumentation such as variable area, mass flow controllers (MFC) and mass flowmeters (MFM). The UKAS accredited laboratory covers an extended flow range from 1 cc/min to 1250 l/sec, enabling the calibration of small leak testing machines up to 12 inch air intake flowmeters for the largest of test bed ICE flowmeters. All accredited flow calibrations up to 1500 l/min are undertaken on dry air and above 10 l/sec on atmospheric air with options for filtered inlet or inline meters. The company holds a stock of flow straighteners, adapters, filters, span tubes and clamps to suit all popular air intake flowmeters.

UKAS Coolant Flow Calibration covering DN0.1 to DN80 meter size meters in coriolis, turbine, magnetic and ultrasonic style meters. Historically this has served the ICE for coolant flow measurements but has seen a rapid expansion of measurement technology to cover battery storage systems, inverter cooling, energy recovery and fuel cell by-products. The accredited flow range is approaching nanoflow system requirements at 1 ml/hour and covering full bore non-intrusive meters up to 3-inch diameter and 1000 l/min with an extended non accredited flowmeter calibration available to 4000 l/min and 6 inch line size. Thermal systems engineering teams have a variety of heated coolant facilities for on flow temperatures up to 130 Deg C for research, product validation, durability and type approval testing requirements.

Lubrication Oil Flow Calibration for hydraulics, engine, fuel, EV and recovery systems covering 1 ml/min to 700 l/min on a selection of oils. The company stocks over 30 oils for immediate use for matching density and viscosity specifications. More recently a stock of the most popular dielectric oils has been added to the inventory. Calibration of turbines, positive displacement, gear, helical, coriolis, ultrasonic and sprung VA style flowmeters can be installed within the test rigs using threaded fittings, baseplates, flanges, quick-fit dry breaks and Wiggins. Specialist calibrations available on ISO 4113, IPA, AVGAS, Skydrol, customer fluids and nanofuilds.

UKAS Anemometer Calibration now offering the UKs’ best measurement capabilities for thermal, vane, rotating cup, pitot tube, omni-spherical probes, isokinetic probes, CTA’s, yaw probes and ultrasonic meters covering a complete range of 0.05 to 80 m/s. The two accredited wind tunnels allow for full air velocity profiling using a 2D laser doppler anemometry for assessment and characterisation of anemometer blockage corrections. The low velocity range of 0.05 m/s allows for accurate calibration of omni-spherical probes and turbulence meters. The wind tunnels are also available for weekly hire for product development of automotive components.

UKAS Site Calibration covering the UK for pressure, voltage, current, resistance, frequency and temperature simulation, the company Calibration Engineers provide support for production lines, R&D Centres, manufacturing test houses.

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