Worldwide MSX demand fuels cost reduction

The patented multi-spectral imaging (MSX) capability of the FLIR E-Series has proved significant both to customers worldwide and to FLIR Systems’ pricing. This feature is standard on the entire FLIR E-Series of electro-mechanical troubleshooting cameras and it is now one of the main reasons why customers choose this brand. 

Indeed, MSX has resulted in huge demand for the FLIR E-Series in general and the FLIR E8 in particular and this, in turn, has enabled FLIR Systems to make this model even more attractive from a price perspective.

Based on current economies of scale and therefore valid until 30th September 2014, the FLIR E8 now carries a price tag of just £3,035 (€3,995 in Ireland). This represents a cost saving of around 37% on the original manufacturer’s recommended price.

MSX has proved so popular because it provides exceptional image quality in real time. It extracts the outline detail from the visual image and blends it with the thermal profile. This makes it so much easier for the camera user to diagnose the problem. 

Its effect is particularly striking on the high resolution, 320 x 240 pixel images produced on the FLIR E8. Such is the clarity of the MSX enhanced image that a supporting visual image isn’t needed. MSX can also be applied to stored visual and thermal JPEG images after inspection.

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