Wireless temperature controlling system introduced to the UK

Electroserv+ has introduced an innovative product to the UK which will provide an effective solution to industrial process monitoring.

The composite industry will benefit massively from this effective new product which brings a safe and forward thinking solution to temperature control systems.

A wireless temperature sensor which can sit in temperatures as low as -60°C and as high as 80°C, removes the need to have potentially dangerous wires laying around and offers flexibility in its use. The cost-effective transmitters handle the most demanding applications and integrate into existing process control systems.

Simon Fisher, director at Electroserv+ commented: “This technology is new to the UK, but it is the next logical and innovative step for Industrial Process Monitoring systems. This is a great replacement for traditional cabling which is expensive, time consuming and is always at risk of being cut. The wireless temperature sensors are a great example of Industry 4.0 and how it is moving forward.

“Factories have changed, machines aren’t just built and kept in place anymore. Machinery moves around now and there is a need for different areas of the factory to see information from another area. This new technology enables that to happen and allows for flexibility.”

Electroserv+ has already installed a wireless temperature sensor within two large UK companies to enable high quality process controlling throughout various industries.

Meggitt, a manufacturer for the nose cones on Eurofighters, needed to find a way to measure the temperature of a polymer composite all the way through the manufacturing process. The raw materials start in the freezer and a system needed to be implemented which would raise an alarm if it went above a certain temperature.

A wireless temperature sensor from Electroserv+ was a suitable solution due to its durability in freezing cold climates. Originally, Meggitt had a wired solution but it meant nothing was being recorded. To wire the system across the factory was too cost prohibitive and it would include wiring across roads, so it wasn’t achievable. Some of the containers also had to be moved around which wouldn’t be possible if they were attached to wires.

By implementing a Electroserv+ device, the traceability probe, which sits inside the role of composite, sends information back to the Central Eurotherm Data Acquisition. As it is wireless it is also able to sit within the equipment and containers as they are moved around.

Simon added: “The wireless temperature sensor was a fantastic solution for Meggitt. Removing the need for wiring means it is flexible and it can be used throughout the whole process offering a practical solution to the entire factory’s production line.”

A spokesperson from Meggitt said: “The new wireless temperature sensor is exceptional. It is imperative we accurately measure the temperature of our polymer composite from beginning to end of the process.

“Before we invested in the Electroserv+ device we had no way of recording the data and Electroserv+ has provided us with an innovative solution which also allows us the flexibility of moving the equipment around.”

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