Wireless angle measurement

Sherborne Sensors introduces its WTS Wireless Tilt System – a flexible, all-weather radio telemetry system designed to provide high accuracy remote angle measurement data in a wide range of applications.

The System (WTS) is designed to provide surveyors, geotechnical specialists and structural engineers with a complete measurement solution, without the cost, impracticality and system installation times of traditional wired methods. The WTS is a flexible all-weather radio telemetry system that delivers highly accurate, remote angle measurement data.

The heart of the system is the WTS Wireless Inclinometer; a high-accuracy robust instrument utilising advanced MEMS sensor technology to ensure maximum reliability. A variety of complementary base stations and either PC or handheld data acquisition modules are offered to allow a complete measurement system to be configured to suit any application. A wide variety of fixed base stations and hand-held readers are available to enable the user to tailor the system to their optimal requirements. A wide range of sensor input options is possible to add other sensor types to the wireless network to provide the full data spectrum required

The WTS uses an advanced MEMS sensor to ensure high accuracy and maximum reliability. The multi-channel and distortion-free digital two-way telemetry system has a wireless range up to 330ft (100m), 18-blt resolution and long battery life. Its robust design will ensure precision operation over many years in the most demanding environments.

Using the WTS Wireless Tilt System, a single structure can be fitted with low power WTS Inclinometers at strategic points, thus helping to determine where weak points may be and when maintenance is required. The range of application is endless and reaches from measuring the angle of ailerons on an aircraft to the tilt angle monitoring of historical buildings.

Furthermore, the WTS can be used to verify design calculations during the manufacture of new structures, providing valuable data for refining computer-aided modelling of structural behaviour. A variety of complementary base stations and PC or hand-held data acquisition modules are available to deliver a complete measurement solution configurable to any type of structural health monitoring application.

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