What’s so great about the S 418?

The S 418 is the new thermal mass flow meter from SUTO-iTEC GmbH and uses their latest sensor and processing innovations to deliver accurate flow measurement for difficult applications. It offers fit and forget measurement for remote, inaccessible or complex pipelines where conventional meters would not be suitable. The competitive price and compact size make it ideal for truly accurate compressed air leak measurement or point of use consumption monitoring.

Why Leak Measurement?

Conventional audits using ultrasonic sensors to measure leakage rates and attribute costs to them are wildly inaccurate due to the number of assumptions made in the measurement process and the inherent frequency and volume variability of ultrasound from a given leak point. This also assumes that all of the leaks have been found which is not particularly likely when there is limited testing time available for an audit. The best way of measuring leakage accurately is to fit a flow meter in line and analyse the difference in flow from demand to no-demand over time. The S 418 is ideal for this as it can be fitted into existing pipework without needing long straight pipe runs either side and the integral data logger has a capacity for 10,000,000 samples which will easily give enough data for a realistic evaluation. Using the S 418 to evaluate specific processes or sections of plant allows the user to build up a clear and accurate data table of leakage to determine how to direct maintenance, repair & overhaul (MRO) activities that will increase plant efficiency, lowering operating costs.

Why Consumption Monitoring?

Industrial gases such as Oxygen, Argon, Carbon Dioxide or Hydrogen are expensive and processes using these gases may be part of a system where cost determinations have to be made in order to ensure client billing or system profitability is accurate. Fitting a flow meter to measure these systems can be problematic when the gas can change according to the process. Since the S 418 can have two different user selectable gas calibrations, a quick setting change at the instrument using the mobile app and Bluetooth interface enables one meter to accurately measure consumption for the new gas and it is easy to change back to the first gas when needed. This removes the cost involved with separate piping arrangements for two meters and the pipework can be simplified further as the S 418 does not limit the installation site with a requirement for straight pipe unlike many other meters.


The S 418 incorporates the flow tube, sensor and display in one compact unit with an integral 3 channel datalogger and Bluetooth interface. The USB port facilitates easy downloading of data to a memory stick or laptop for analysis.

How Much Straight Pipe?

None. The S 418 has an integral flow conditioner for accurate measurement without needing minimum straight lengths of pipe either side of the install point. It can therefore be fitted in a very compact space unaffected by elbows, valves and other restrictions that would severely impair the accuracy of other designs.

Easy Access?

Operators can remotely view the flow, consumption and temperature figures from an Android phone using the service app and Bluetooth. Service engineers can also check the settings the same way without interfering with the ongoing measurement.

How Accurate is it?

SUTO state an accuracy of 1/5% of reading and a turndown ratio of a 100:1, meaning the S 418 can deliver accurate measurements throughout all of its range.

Which Gas?

Since the S 418 can be factory calibrated for up to two different gases , there is no need for swapping different flow meters because the gas in the line is changing, just select the alternate gas and start measuring.

What Line Size?

S 418 is available in 4 sizes: DN8, DN15, DN 20 and DN25

Which Communication?

There is a choice between analogue 4-20mA with pulse, digital RS 485 Modbus RTU or digital M-Bus for interfacing to existing control systems.

Under Pressure?

The S 418 can have a pressure sensor fitted as a factory option, giving the potential to measure flow, consumption, temperature and pressure from one point in the line and using only one instrument.


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Datasheet: https://www.measuremonitorcontrol.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/S415-418_LL_en_2018-1a.pdf

Catalogue: https://www.measuremonitorcontrol.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/SUTO-iTEC-Product-Catalogue_2018-2a.pdf

Measure Monitor Control Brochure: https://www.measuremonitorcontrol.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/RED100-003.pdf

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