What is the importance of using insulated tools?

A tool kit forms such a fundamental part of a technician’s work that they’re value is sometimes underestimated. Having access to the right tools allows you to complete your job professionally and most importantly, safely. Most maintenance technicians will come into contact with live circuits during their work, which means there is a risk of electric shock if the proper tools are not utilised.

Unfortunately, most standard hand tools will not give you any protection from electric shock unless they are insulated. Simply wrapping your own tools with electrical tape or using tools with a plastic grip will not give you the peace of mind or safety that properly insulated tools will give you.

What are insulated tools?
Insulated tools are designed to protect you against injury in the event that you make contact with an energized source. Every insulated tool must be marked with the year it was insulated and an official 1,000-volt rating symbol, which ensures you will be protected for live use up to 1,000 VAC or 1,500 VDC.

There are strict international standards that apply to insulated tools and the symbol displayed will largely depend on where they were manufactured. In Northern America the ASTM F1505 standard is popular and can be identified by the double triangle symbol that is engraved onto every tool.

In Europe and Asia, VDE certification is more common and each insulated tool will bear the VDE logo. Almost any hand tool can be insulated but the most common insulated tool types you will find are; pliers, screwdrivers, sockets, ratchets, spanners and cable cutters.

Why should I use insulated tools?
Insulated tools are important when conducting any work that needs to be completed “hot” or on a live circuit. Insulation tools offer significant protection for situations where it may not always be possible to disconnect the circuit, for example when working on a railway line that needs to remain active.

They’re also very useful for unexpected situations when you may not be aware that you are working on a live circuit. Without insulated tools to hand, you could be risking serious injury, liability or even death.

Tracklink sell the best range of insulated tools
Tracklink recommends that every professional carry a dedicated set of insulated tools with them on every job, as you can never really know when you might need them.

You’ll also need to ensure you take good care of your insulated tools and inspect them frequently to check for wear and cracking.

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