What can IO-Link do for me? Fit for the future with Contrinex and IO-Link

Perhaps many of us can be guilty of thinking that Inductive Proximity and Photoelectric sensors ‘just’ give us an ‘On’ or ‘Off’, and don’t think of the ‘digital-world’ also offered by the IO-Link communication protocol.

Contrinex is respected as a manufacturer of high-performance sensors and often utilises unique technologies to provide solutions, but its approach to IO-Link, the point-to-point communication protocol offers an often unrecognised advantage.

Contrinex has the largest selection of IO-Link sensors in the World, across its inductive, photoelectric and RFID ranges. It provides consistent and simple configuration, through IO-Link and conventional switching outputs are available in the same versatile sensor. Contrinex sensors are available from PLUS Automation.

SMART sensors are perhaps now receiving more attention as the next ‘new thing’ and Contrinex also offers a wide range of SMART sensors offering help with predictive maintenance, production monitoring and measurement applications, but the benefits of IO-Link should not be overlooked.

Contrinex is an ideal supplier because its products can help manufacturers in their journey towards industry 4.0 and will continue to bring out new technologies to make its customers more successful.


Data monitoring

The sensor’s switching state is monitored continuously. This not only monitors the signal itself but also the state at 80% of the switching distance. One can therefore ensure that the sensor is not working at the limit of its specifications, to ensure robust and reliable switching.


The operating state of the sensor is checked. In case of open circuit, under-voltage, LC oscillator failure or installation of the wrong sensor, information is provided directly through IO-Link to enable fast repair, maintenance and replacement.

Detection counter

Detection events are counted. By registering the number of detections, it is possible to calculate the speed or number of parts. The counter can be reset using a unique IO-Link message.


The internal temperature of the sensor is measured continuously, which provides an indication about the ambient temperature in the application. Moreover, the maximum temperature measured is saved for diagnosis and preventive maintenance purposes.

Switching timer

The timing of output switching can be configured. Depending on the needs of an application, output switching can be delayed or the duration stretched through programming.

NO/NC selection

The output switching mode can be selected as NO or NC. A single sensor type is configurable for the various needs of an application. This helps reduce the number of different sensor types required in stock.

Sensitivity and teach

The sensor’s sensitivity can be adjusted remotely by changing the threshold. Alternatively, the teach function can be used to adapt the threshold to the application. Calibrated sensing ranges ensure easy sensor replacement by uploading the existing sensitivity to the replacement sensor.

Light-ON/Dark-ON selection

The output switching mode can be selected as Light-ON or Dark-ON. A single sensor type is configurable for the various needs of an application. This helps reduce the number of different sensor types required in stock.

Sensor mode

Three different modes are selectable depending on the application needs: “Normal”, “Fast” and “Fine”. “Normal” mode is a good balance of speed and precision. In “Fast” mode, speed is higher and in “Fine” mode precision is higher.

Sequence selection

For cross-talk immunity with through-beam photoelectric sensors, up to nine different emitting sequences can be selected to pair the emitter with the receiver.

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