Webinars added to ITC training programme for 2019

To make it as easy as possible for would-be thermographers to deepen their understanding of the science behind infrared inspection and apply it successfully in their working lives, Flir Systems’ Infrared Training Centre (ITC) has extended its training options.

As well as its BINDT-accredited Category I, II and III courses and application-specific taster sessions, ITC has introduced a programme of webinars. These online tutorials are running throughout the year, cover a variety of subjects and are designed to prepare delegates for further in-depth study and qualification.

Each webinar starts at 10:00 hrs, occupies 30 minutes and is hosted by Jon Willis, the ITC Training Manager, who also conducts the post-tutorial question and answer session.

To register for any of the following go to www.irtraining.eu

Friday 26th April 2019                     Capturing Great Thermal Images

Friday 31st May 2019                      IR for Electrical Applications

Friday 6th September 2019              IR for Building Applications

Friday 4th October 2019                  IR for Building Applications

Friday 8th November 2019              IR Thermography Basics

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