Webinar promises to reduce Total Cost of Defect

Manufacturers whose visual inspection misses too many faults, creating a backbreaking Total Cost of Defect (TCoD), will be able to find out how Autonomous Machine Vision (AMV) can solve their problems, during a webinar organised by Inspekto, the company that founded the AMV category.

Following the success of its first webinar on Autonomous Machine Vision, held on May 19, Inspekto will repeat the event. The next webinar will be on May 26, at 2.00pm BST (3.00pm CET, 9.00am EDT) and will be held on Zoom. Interested parties can register for tickets here, via Eventbrite. Registered participants will find the Zoom link and the password at the bottom of their registration ticket.

The webinar will first explain the concept of AMV, which has revolutionised parts inspection since its launch at VISION 2018 in Stuttgart. Next, the session will move on to demonstrate real life use cases, across multiple sectors — from aerospace and industrial parts to packaging and home appliances.

The presenter, Daniel Atherton-Moore, one of Inspekto’s key technical experts from its Detroit branch, will tell AMV’s story from its roots in the DACH region’s automotive sector, with early adopters such as MAHLE, to its current position in dozens of global blue chip manufacturers, including Bosch, BMW, Schneider Electric and PepsiCo.

The Inspekto S70 is the world’s first AMV device and the world’s first self-contained machine vision product that can be delivered to a plant and fitted by the plant’s own staff, without the help of a vision systems integrator (SI).

It can inspect any part, at any plant, in any industry after being presented with just 10-20 good examples. It does not need to learn from bad parts, instead recognising faults that don’t appear on the original template components.

The S70 will automatically adapt to any light conditions, any conveyor speed and any new fault, without the need for human intervention. It can be moved around a production line or deployed permanently with ease, thanks to its easy fit Bosch profile connector.

“Imagine ordering a new cell phone and being sent a circuit board, an antenna, an LCD, a microphone, a speaker and a battery as well as an accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor and so on,” explained Atherton-Moore. “You would call the phone company in a pretty foul mood, right?

“That’s how quality assurance managers feel when they are faced with a conventional vision solution. Which lens do they need? What lighting settings are required? Which PLC? Which camera? It’s no wonder that an entire industry of vision systems integrators exists to answer these questions, sell the parts and install everything on site.

“During the webinar, I’ll be explaining why manufacturers can now put quality control in their own hands. No need for an SI, no need for a bill, price-tag circa hundreds of thousands of dollars, and no need for a TCoD that makes your manufacturing director explode with fury!

“Instead, we have a single product, that you can use out of the box, which will detect one hundred per cent of faults and costs, at most, a quarter of the price of a single point of vision installed by an integrator in the old fashioned way,” concluded Atherton-Moore.

The webinar is a free event and interested parties can sign up on Eventbrite here.

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