VOCs – why speciate?

The Quantitech stands (Nos. 44 & 51) at AQE 2015 in Telford, the air quality and emissions show on 22nd and 23rd April, will feature three technologies for measuring individual organic compounds. Speciation is important because VOCs mostly exist in mixtures, so measurements can be misleading unless the individual compounds are measured. On-site analysis is preferable because samples containing volatiles are notoriously difficult to transport.

The FROG-4000™ is a rugged, portable PID/GC for analysing individual VOCs in air, soil and water and the TRIDION™-9 is a portable GC/MS for rapidly detecting an enormous variety of chemical compounds in liquid, solid or gaseous samples, and portable Gasmet FTIR analysers offer simultaneous analysis of multiple compounds.

Refreshments, lunch, parking and entry to the exhibition and workshops, are all free to those that pre-register at www.AQEShow.com

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