VEGA launch wireless Bluetooth adjustment for all plics® sensors

Bluetooth is familiar in our everyday lives. Virtually every modern car has hands-free phone and music. Now it is beginning to find its way into the process industry, this technology can be used  to configure, adjust, analyse and diagnose sensors. The latest version of the VEGA PLICSCOM universal display and adjustment module has optional Bluetooth 4.0/LE with secure encryption and a range typically around 25m. This means devices can be accessed from a safe, sheltered position. Amazingly, it is also fully backward compatible with all VEGA plics® transmitters since 2002. The modularity of their plics® system means it can be retrofitted without software update, so thousands of existing VEGA sensors can convert to Bluetooth! A magnetic pen supplied can operate the PLICSCOM buttons via the glass window. There is a Bluetooth USB PC dongle for FDT/DTM / PACTware connection. Try out the future today, download VEGA Tools App at IOS or Android store. Go to

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