UST Global partners with Plastic Logic for digital retail shelf displays

UST Global, a leading digital transformation solutions company, has announced its partnership with Plastic Logic, a leader in the design and manufacture of flexible, glass-free electrophoretic displays (EPDs). The joint venture will enable UST Global to provide its retail customers with flexible, whole-shelf ESLs (Electronic Shelf Labels) based on Plastic Logic’s advanced flexible oTFT-based ePaper technology.

The flexible ESLs can be curved into a variety of shapes, measuring up to 4ft long x 1 3/4in deep, will enable retailers to display product information and pricing across the entire length of a standard shelf, as well as create advertising and promotional messages that can be displayed, rotated and dynamically changed several times a week.

Speaking on this occasion, Tim Burne, Chief Executive Officer, Plastic Logic, said, “We’re really excited to be partnering with UST Global to find new and exciting retail applications for our innovative ESL technology. To date retailers have struggled to find the right method for creating whole-shelf displays. The combination of our display development efforts and our partnership with UST Global means that, for the first time, retailers can take advantage of flexible display technology that significantly enhances their customers’ interactions and experience.”

Commenting on this, Sunil Kanchi, Chief Investment Officer and Chief Information Officer, UST Global, said, “Innovation through perfect technology enablers with measurable benefits has always proven to drive exponential growth for large retail organisations. We see an upward trend in the market for Electronic Shelf Labels. Our global partnership and joint development with Plastic Logic ensure that our retail customers can now drive costs and increase value by adopting flexible shelf labels for centralised pricing and advertisements.”

Niranjan Ram, Chief Technology Officer, UST Global, said, “We are seeing demand from our large retail customers globally for flexible, whole-shelf displays that are not restricted to individual product pricing, but expanding to advertisements along the shelf edge. This joint venture with Plastic Logic means we can provide retailers with the ability to create and change pricing across whole ranges on a standard shelf, as well as incorporate advertising for brands and products. This offers significant ROI opportunities through additional revenues generated from every store shelf, from labor savings and dynamic updates to potentially thousands of labels and advertisements.”

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