USB- or Ethernet-based measurement devices for Linux

Measurement Computing’s range of easy-to-use and low-priced data acquisition devices, that support Linux operating systems, is growing constantly. Most of MCC’s measurement devices with USB- or PCI-based interface come with open-source device drivers for Linux.

Now the Linux support also covers the latest Ethernet-based measurement devices from Measurement Computing. E-1608 is a 16-bit, 8-channel high-speed multifunction module supporting sampling rates up to 250 kS/s and featuring two analog outputs. The 8-channel temperature measurement device E-TC is designed for easily acquiring any type of thermocouple. TC-32 offers 32 channels for connecting thermocouples directly via miniature size thermocouple connectors. The rack-mountable device is easily expandable up to 64 channels. Finally, E-DIO24 is a digital I/O module that offers 24 lines for monitoring and controlling any system over Ethernet.

Those who are looking for Linux-based boards with integrated high-accuracy measurement capabilities should have a look at Data Translation’s DT7816 and DT 7837 with on-board Cortex-A8 ARM processor. The 16-bit device DT7816 offers 8 simultaneous analog inputs up to 400 kS/s per channel. The DT7837 is designed for sound and vibration measurements providing four inputs up to 105.4 kS/s per channel capable of driving IEPE accelerometer sensors.

Linux support and software downloads are available on the Measurement Computing websites.

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