Ultra 4 MCERTS Status

As part of our new Asset Management Period (AMP) in the UK Water Industry, it is now a requirement to monitor any spills going into a storm tank – regularly referred too throughout the UK Water Industry as UMON3. Part of this requirement is to ensure that all flow is recorded to a specific standard, so that water utilities are confident in the reliability of their flow readings.

MCERTS provides a framework of standards for the safe and reliable monitoring of liquid flow and is widely used throughout the UK Water Industry to ensure that water bodies are working towards the same standards, to protect our sewage networks and local environments.

Pulsar Measurement have a long and experienced history with MCERT’s with 2 products already achieving MCERT status, including the FlowCERT and DUET twin transducer and the FlowCERT Lite and dB3 with double sunshields. We are pleased to announce the addition of Ultra 4 and dB3 with double sunshields to our list of MCERT Certified products.

The Ultra 4 and dB3 with double sunshields have been future proofed for the purpose of UMON3 and UMON4 in the UK Water Industry and are specifically designed to monitor stormwater overflows. The sophistication and advanced features of this new and improved unit allows water companies across the UK to comply with the new directive in a small, compact, and easy to use controller, enabling it to be a small but crucial building block in a much bigger development. The non-contacting nature of the Ultra 4 and ultrasonic technology means there is little to NO maintenance required for this system and helps make life easy for utility companies across the nation.

For more information on the Ultra 4 or MCERT Certification scheme, visit our website.

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