UKAS – ISO 17025 Calibration

Young Calibration is an independent flow and air velocity calibration facility, offering laboratory and onsite calibration services.

Cost effective and quick turnaround for fluid and gas flow calibrations. The laboratories are UKAS accredited to ISO 17025 (Lab 0604).

Gas and Fluid Flow Calibration

The laboratory has recently invested in a high accuracy hydrocarbon prover for the calibration of helical, PD and turbine flowmeters and a fully automated primary gas flow standard for the calibration of mass flowmeters and controllers. UKAS accredited calibrations can be undertake to a CMC of 0.15% on the new gravimetric water calibration facility.

Air Velocity Calibration

The UK’s highest accuracy UKAS accredited wind tunnel, covering 0.05 to 80 m/s. Air velocity calibration and anemometer calibration services are undertaken in one of the three laboratory wind tunnels, offering extreme accuracy in both low and high speed operating modes. The facility can offer independent, UKAS accredited air velocity calibrations for all types of pitot tubes, probes, vanes and thermal anemometers. The latest addition to the laboratory is a 1m x 1 m test section wind tunnel enabling the calibration of rotating cup and ultrasonic anemometers with minimal or no blockage corrections.

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