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Young Calibration laboratory welcomes two new employees to its Flow Calibration and Air Velocity Calibration Departments enabling a reduction in turnaround times and increase in capacity. The laboratory continues to offer world leading accredited calibration services for air flow, water flow, hydrocarbon flow, anemometer wind speed and oxygen clean (oil free) pressure instruments. United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) is a member of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) which provides mutual recognition to overseas accreditation bodies, governments and industries, such as NIST, DakkS, COFRAC, DANAK, ENAC, Accredia and IPAC.

Air Velocity Calibration Services using 1D and 2D laser doppler anemometry with automated XY traverse for the accredited calibration of emissions isokinetic sampling probes, L pitot tubes, S Pitot tubes and the generation of pitot tube coefficients, gamma or K factors up to an air velocity of 80 m/s.  UKAS air velocity calibrations covering the accredited requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 are offered on all types of anemometers. The internal laboratory procedures cover the requirements for emissions sampling to ISO 10780 and ISO 3966 and the requirements of the Source Testing Association (STA). More traditional anemometers such as thermal, vane and omni-spherical probes are calibrated on an open jet wind tunnel with a 1D laser doppler anemometer across an air speed range of 0.05 to 80 m/s depending upon the physical instrument size. Accurate, repeatable air profiles can be generated and measured for turbulence studies and research activities across both the accredited wind tunnels with the UK’s leading measurement uncertainty. For the meteorological sector the company now offers a LIDAR calibration service.

Mass Flowmeter Calibration Services available to ISO 17025 with UKAS accreditation (Lab 0604) covering 0.06 l/hr to 90 m3/hr on dry air and with the facility to record frequency, analogue, digital outputs, RS232, Modbus, HART and conventional displays. Secondary calibrations traceable to national standards can be calibrated on oxygen, helium, CO2, propane and argon. The air calibration rigs cover all types and models of flowmeters including, MFM and MFC from Sierra, Alicat, Brooks, MKS, Aalborg, Horiba, Axetris, Hastings, Chell, Omega, Bronkhorst, Cole Parmer and TSI. The secondary facility utilises a set of transfer standard reference laminar and turbine flowmeters to achieve an air volume flowrate of 4500 m3/hr for calibration of inline flowmeters up to 0.3m in diameter. Provisions for bespoke calibration facilities exist for environmentalists requiring air flow sampler calibrations either traceable to national standards or UKAS accredited to ISO 17025.

Water Batch Meter Flow Calibration covering 15 mm to 80 mm batch meters for accurate calibration of dial meters, multi-jet, single jet, axial, rotary piston, cold water, potable meters with or without pulse output can be UKAS accredited calibrated from 2.4 l/hour to 60 m3/hour with a measurement uncertainty from 0.15%. Meter connections from PN, ISO, flanged, threaded and push tube can be adapted to the calibration facility and models from ARAD, Elster, Maddalena, BES, Woltmann, Carolan, Badger, Bellflow, Beta, Omni, Aquamotion and any WRAS or MID approved meters can be calibrated.

Hydrocarbon Flow Calibration Services for hydraulic, fuel and lubrication flowmeters covering 30 to 26000 l/hour with a viscosity range covering 5 – 20 cSt. The hydrocarbon flow calibration facility predominantly caters for the traceable and accredited calibration of turbine, ovalwheel, coriolis, positive displacement, gear and helical flowmeters. Secondary traceable to national standard calibrations can be completed on our non-accredited calibration rigs using IPA, ISO 4113, JET-A1, Avtur, Aeroshell oils and hybrid/EV dielectric oils and covering the requirements of ISO 9001.

Oil Free Oxygen Pressure Calibration facility within an ISO Class 6 cleanroom and UKAS accredited to 40 MPa. The cleanroom laboratory further enhances its’ range of service offerings, with the recent addition of an ATR and transmission FTIR for the final cleanliness assessment and added confidence of the complete removal of any hydrocarbon residues. This coupled with both gravimetric and microscopic particle analysis ensures instruments are services, calibrated and sealed to the requirements of ASTM G93 standards for GOX/LOX instruments utilised in the medical, aviation and submarine environments.

On-site Calibration covering UK and EU locations for flow, temperature, humidity, mass, pressure, electrical, torque and force parameters. Calibration specialists provide a class leading and professional calibration service to R&D establishments, production, manufacturing and service centres. A range of electrical, pressure and temperature simulation parameters are available with UKAS accreditation at your premises.

About Us: Located in Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex for company operates from two locations for Calibration, Testing and Component Cleanliness services, employing 20 staff of technicians and engineers and specialising in providing bespoke solutions for gas and fluid flow test and calibration activities.

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