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Young Calibration is one of the UK’s leading accredited calibration laboratories and continues to increase its’ UKAS scope of schedule with the latest offering coming from increased customer demands for ongoing contract work. Having successfully transitioned to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 earlier in the year and passed its’ yearly UKAS re-assessment, they now offer customers worldwide oxygen clean or “oil free” pressure calibrations, which are UKAS accredited to 400 bar.

The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) is a member of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) which provides mutual recognition to overseas accreditation bodies, governments and industries, such as NIST, DakkS, COFRAC, DANAK, BELAC, SAS, SAC, ENAC, Accredia and IPAC. All the company accredited calibrations have worldwide recognition and carry the ILAC-MRA logo.

Oxygen Clean Pressure Calibration services for LOX and GOX systems utilised in the medical, marine, aviation, submarine, offshore and space environments. The ISO Class 6 cleanroom provides a dedicated facility for oxygen clean systems only, with a full sweep of cleaning, inspection, analysis and packing solutions for all customers. Understanding the bespoke requirements for specific application areas the facility offers all the requirements of gauge inspection, cleaning, calibration, analysis, packing and labelling. Having to please its’ range of customer demands, the company offers a range of oxygen clean solvents for cleaning, flushing and extraction, with gravimetric, white light, black light, microscopic particle analysis and FTIR spectroscopy.  Working to several industry specific standards and the highly regarded ASTM G93 the company can tailor its process to suit individual needs with cleanliness levels to Level A where specified. Full system documentation, traceability, certification and timestamped results analysis are available for the complete package. Coupled with the recent addition of UKAS accredited calibrations for oxygen clean, “oil free” gauges and sensors the facility now offers a complete one stop shop for pressure gauges and transducers from MEL, WIKA, King Nutronics, BOC, Budenberg, Stanhope Seta, Ashford, Sensorone and McMaster-Carr.

UKAS Airflow Calibration for all mass flowmeter and volume flow meters, including the popular rotameter (VA), MFC, MFM, laminar, vortex, turbine, thermal, piston and differential sensors. The ISO 17025 UKAS accredited laboratory ranges from 1 cc/min to 4500 m3/hr, enabling the calibration of the smallest leak testers to 12” diameter vortex meters and averaging pitot duct flowmeters. Dedicated flow lines are available for traceable calibrations on inert gases and atmospheric air for balometers and fume hood flow sensors, with further flow rigs setup for the bespoke flow calibration of air samplers and air sampling pumps and flowmeters utilised in the environmental sectors.

UKAS Water Meter Calibration for paddle, wedge, differential, ultrasonic, magnetic, turbine, coriolis and variable area flowmeters covering 40 cc/min to 1000 l/min and for infusion testers, analysers and nano-flowmeters covering a flow range for accredited calibrations of 1 ml/hr to 2400 ml/hr with a CMC uncertainty of 0.1% on pure water. Traceable calibrations to ISO 17025 on single jet, multijet, ultrasonic and mag meters are available up to DN150 line size and 4000 l/min. Signal outputs for voltage, current and frequency can be interfaced into the automated data acquisition with facility for HART meter configuration

UKAS Hydrocarbon Flow Calibration covering 0.5 to 440 l/min on mineral oil with a viscosity range of 5 – 20 cSt for the calibration of turbines, positive displacement, gear, helical and coriolis flowmeters. Further non-accredited flow calibrations can be completed on ISO 4113, IPA, JET-A1, AVGAS and dielectric fluids. A comprehensive range of aviation fuels and oils are available locally for quick turnaround calibrations.

UKAS Anemometer Calibration for ultrasonic, thermal, vane, rotating cup, pitot tube, isokinetic probes, CTA’s and yaw probes covering 0.05 to 80 m/s. The accredited open and closed jet wind tunnels allow for complete air velocity profiling using 2D laser doppler anemometry and the determination and characterisation of anemometer blockage correction. The low velocity range of 0.05 m/s allows for accurate calibration of omni-spherical probes, CTA’s and thermal anemometers. Air velocity calibrations of stack emissions isokinetic sampling probes, L pitot tubes, S Pitot tubes and the generation of pitot tube coefficients, gamma and/or K factors up to an air velocity of 80 m/s.  The internal laboratory procedures cover the requirements for emissions sampling to ISO 10780 and ISO 3966 and the requirements of the Source Testing Association (STA).

UKAS Onsite Calibration covering mainland, offshore and remote outposts throughout the world, calibrations are available for absolute pressure, gauge pressure, frequency, resistance, voltage, current and temperature simulation. All Calibration Engineers are experienced in a range of instruments installed within production lines, manufacturing plants, medical service centres and test houses. Engineers carry “Contractor Approval” certification and are available to travel on short notice, working out of hours to minimise any process disruptions. An extended range of non-accredited calibration services are available covering gas flow calibration, fluid flow calibration, humidity, mass, torque and temperature.

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