UK Vision Technology Forum

Following the success of the STEMMER IMAGING Vision Technology Forum on May 22nd, selected presentations from the event are now available on the STEMMER IMAGING website.

The UK edition of the Europe-wide Vision Technology Forums organised by STEMMER IMAGING and the European Imaging Academy  featured over 40 technical presentations held in six parallel tracks covering a comprehensive range of vision technologies, hands-on workshops and a mini trade show with over 30 exhibitors.

A number of selected presentations are now available on STEMMER IMAGING’s website. General technology presentations such as application examples and suitable calculation methods for machine vision component selection can be found there along with presentations that focus on the product technology such as Mitsubishi Electric’s Contact Image Sensors, and talks about software algorithms such as support vector machine and ridge regression in digital imaging or real 3D algorithms: from range map to point cloud. 

Each of the presentations last approximately 20 minutes and although no substitute to attending the Vision Technology Forum itself they do demonstrate a small sample of the expertise attendees had access to during this year’s event. The next STEMMER IMAGING Technology Forum in the UK is scheduled for spring 2016. 


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