Transmit data and power without contact

Power packages from Balluff: BIC Q40 inductive couplers

Inductive coupling systems are the ideal choice wherever fixed wiring of sensors and actuators gets in the way or is subject to premature wear due to fatigue. With their new BIC Q40 inductive couplers Balluff now offers a solution for applications where the maximum transmittable power plays a role, such as in robotics when controlling grippers. They transmit power and IO-Link signals completely without contact over an air gap – fast and reliably.

With up to 1.7 A continuous current the system can provide up to 40W of power. This is 3 times that of common couplers on the market. Thanks to its IO-Link interface the system assists in smooth and fast exchange of events, parameter and process data between the IO-Link device and IO-Link master.

Data transmission is transparent, with no configuration of the IO-Link coupler necessary. By supporting COM3 the system also enables the fastest possible data exchange. Bi-directional communication which sends the data in both directions means you can for example control actuators and valve terminals at the same time while also collecting signals.

And in combination with a corresponding IO-Link master virtually any common fieldbus system can be used. Intelligent sensors are configured and diagnostics performed via IO-Link just as usual. Plug-and-play as well as the convenient M12 connectivity on the Base and Remote units make installation and assembly or replacing couplers child’s play.

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