Trace level detection of selected VOCs

As a high speed, portable GC-MS, the new TRIDION™-9 has been developed for a wide variety of applications including the onsite analysis of trace levels of volatile organic compounds. Quantitech’s Dr Andrew Hobson says: “The ability to conduct trace level analysis in the field is a major advantage because it avoids the problems and costs associated with the collection and transport of samples for laboratory analysis.

“Typical applications for this technology include occupational safety, environmental monitoring, contaminated land, process monitoring and research.”

SPME (Solid Phase Micro Extraction) is a solvent-free technique that combines sample extraction, collection and concentration of analytes all in one simple step.  Analytes can be extracted from gas, liquid and dissolved solid samples, so the TRIDION™-9 can also be employed to analyse soil, gas and water samples.

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