TMS Europe Ltd take on two major contracts for the supply of DIAS Infrared Systems

Infrared for Automatic Wildfire Detection

Predicted changes in climate suggest summers are likely to become hotter and drier. One of the impacts is an increased risk of wildfire events, which pose a significant threat to the forest, heath and peat land habitats of the uplands, both in terms of biodiversity and conservation, and land management and economic interest. Wildfire events also represent a significant risk of health and well-being of the local population.

The Automatic Wildfire Detection System aims to be an innovative pilot project testing existing system methodology based on a hybrid system presently used in waste bunkers of inflammable materials (mandatory in Germany) for automatic detection of wildfires within an upland area of the UK. The system will be tested to ascertain its effectiveness for providing an early warning. The tests of the system will be conducted by a National Park Authority working in partnership with local Fire and Rescue Service.

The results of the tests will be shared with a range of local, national and international stakeholders through a variety of different means and events. Should the tests of the system be successful, it is anticipated that consideration will be afforded to the possibility of expanding the system to cover a larger geographical area within the National Park. Successful tests may also provide opportunities for transferring the system for use within other locations across the UK.

TMS Europe Ltd with its infrared camera specialist DIAS Infrared GmbH, for whom it is the UK agent and distributor, has been awarded the contract to supply and install a fully functioning automatic detection system for wildfires at a site within the National Park. The infrared cameras and equipment will be mounted on an existing mast and will be capable of detecting wildfires to a distance of 5 miles from the mast, any detection of heat will trigger an alarm and an operator from a remote site will train the infrared camera and live view camera on the identified area to determine if it’s a wildfire before contacting the Fire and Rescue Services.

The detection system will be located in a particularly harsh outdoor environment and is designed to withstand conditions with temperature variations between -20°C and +35°C with wind speeds exceeding 140Km/h, rain, snow, hail, dust and insects etc. TMS Europe Ltd with DIAS Infrared GmbH will provide training and on-going support to the National Park Authority and its partner agencies in the use and administration of the system.

Infrared System for applications in F1 Racing

Another first is an order from one of Formula 1’s top names who have placed an order with TMS Europe for a top of the range thermal imaging camera, the DIAS Pyroview 640. After extensive trialling of the unit at its UK facility the team recognise the accurate instant thermal data delivery to be invaluable in making immediate adjustments to performance as well as providing information for detailed design changes.


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