Remote inventory and telemetry systems: Time to digitise your distribution?

Level sensors as outstations: optional integrated SIM and connectivity to VEGA Inventory System, no extra boxes.

Looking to save time, money, resources, fuel on your logistics? VEGAVIS offers one of the most versatile remote inventory and telemetry systems. Already used in thousands of applications by numerous companies and authorities to measure level, control distribution and optimise logistics. From river levels, to bulk powder silos or chemical tanks, VEGA can offer a ‘scaleable’, simple, enterprise IIOT solutions supporting efficient logistics. Sites can be easily visualised, grouped and geographically displayed with specific page control shared between users, along with soft alarms and messages set, enabling a seamless partnership between suppliers, transporters and customers. It can be used anywhere – bulk product supply, timely waste removal or water/river level monitoring. Mobile App versions are also available for drivers and team members on the move.

Of course the sensor that makes the measurement is just as important to ensure the data you gather is accurate and with VEGA you can rely on that! Solutions can comprise of a single battery or solar-powered sensor with integrated SIM… no outstation needed, to multi-drop system architecture with networked devices and ATEX approvals. Existing devices and telemetry systems can also be accommodated. Internet portal based or local server versions of VIS are available to flexibly accommodate IT requirements of different organisations.

VEGA VIS system offers simple traffic-light based tabular views, as well as grouping and map views to effectively and simply manage logistics demand

Whatever your requirement, to save money, fuel, time or just make your customer service even better – contact VEGA to discuss a trial system and competitive system packages for VEGA Inventory System.

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