Three’s company at EIS spring show

Visitors to the Engineering Society’s (EIS) annual Instrumentation conference, will get a firsthand look at the combined power of Brüel & Kjær, HBM and Prenscia’s latest measurement solutions.

During the show, taking place on 2nd April at Silverstone, technical experts from the three businesses will exhibit tools such as Brüel & Kjær’s user-centric, sound and vibration analysis software – BK Connect.

Designed around the needs and tasks of engineers – particularly their workflow – BK Connect’s platform is suitable for use across many different industries such as aerospace, automotive and medical. BK Connect fully integrates with Brüel & Kjær’s industry‐leading LAN‐XI acquisition hardware, to provide a comprehensive set of tools for measurements and data processing. It melds seamlessly into tailored workflows, over a wide range of engineering scenarios; from repetitive, standardised testing, to complex troubleshooting investigations.

Test, measurement and weighing technology specialist, HBM will be demoing its transducers designed for calculating torque, force, pressure, strain, displacement and weight – plus a range of advanced data acquisition (DAQ) systems and associated software. Created for testing stress measurement in structures, machinery and aerospace applications, these tools are ideal for a range of industries including automotive, shipbuilding, agricultural, chemical, pharmaceutical and food production.

Durability software experts, HBM Prenscia will showcase the latest functionality of its full product range during the event. nCode software empowers test and CAE engineers to transform data into decisions. These innovative tools offer solutions for digital signal processing, acoustic and vibration analysis, fatigue life prediction, durability analysis, engineering data management – and reporting. Broadly applied across a range of industries, this software helps customers understand product performance, accelerate product development and improve design.

The EIS’s 2019 exhibition will be held on Tuesday 2nd April at Silverstone in the Silverstone Wing. Find out more about EIS Instrumentation at:

For further information on Brüel & Kjær, HBM and Prenscia, visit:

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