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If you are under serious time pressure and need an enclosure that suits your requirements now, or you are at the start of what will be a protracted design project there is a common enclosure solution.

Smartboxx offer an enclosure to suit your requirements, manufactured without tooling. We use methods that allow us to provide the benefits of a plastic enclosure with the flexibility of a fabricated solution.

We can take your CAD, sketch or collection of parts and turn it into a viable, production ready prototype in days if necessary.

Step by step it looks like this :-

1. Concept

You specify your requirements, this is your enclosure not an ‘off the shelf’ box. At this stage we are looking to establish what format of enclosure is going to suit your requirements best


We can provide CAD at this stage giving you the opportunity to work your way through assembly requirements as well as assessing your end product’s suitability.


There’s no tooling cost, so this part of the process allows us both to iron out cost savings, additional features and branding options.

At the end of this stage you have a ‘production ready’ sample or pre-production batch. You don’t have to switch technologies to be ready for batch manufacture or wait for tooling to be produced.


We make your enclosures. Here in Norfolk.

Made to schedule, packaged and sent to you or your subcontract manufacturers.

At any stage in this process you can alter the design to allow for differing market requirements, customer preference and component redundancy, after all, it is your enclosure.

Our Reference designs can make this process even quicker by offering a starting point. They are a range of enclosure formats that we have used extensively for a wide range of applications. The common theme is, they are flexible and cost effective. 

Whilst we can incorporate all of the design features offered by customising an off the shelf moulded box they have a distinct advantage. If you want your sensor housing or development board enclosure 3mm wider and 14mm longer with a din rail mounting clip all you have to do is talk to one of our design engineers.

Machining label recesses, component mounting points and engraving a logo are all part of our primary manufacturing process, reducing costs and completing your product .

The next few weeks will see the launch of instrumentboxx taking the Reference design concept forward. As a design engineer or manufacturer you will be able to take basic Instrumentation case concepts and use them to create a bespoke desk top enclosure.

Our aim is to make the process simple, allowing you to build an enclosure around your components without having to compromise during the design process. You don’t have to fit into a stock box.

smartboxx will be exhibiting at Sensors and Instrumentation, stand E15



4-10 Kelvin Place, Stephenson Way, Thetford, Norfolk, IP24 3RR, UK

T: 01842 766557



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