Thermal Imaging Solution for Furnace Applications

Thermal image of tubes with Regions of Interest added to monitor specific temperature points

Accurate temperature measurement in high temperature furnaces

The FurnaceSpection™ thermal imaging system from LumaSense Technologies is designed to continuously monitor the inside of high temperature furnaces used for refining, metals, and glass production.

It uses a radiometrically calibrated thermal imager to accurately measure product, refractory, and heat transfer surfaces inside the furnace. By monitoring the internal temperatures of the furnace in real-time, the process can be improved, and any abnormalities can be identified before they develop into serious problems or cause unplanned outages.

FurnaceSpection consists of an accurate 640 x 480 focal-plane array thermal imaging camera inside a rugged IP66 protective enclosure that is equipped with borescope optics, allowing the camera withstand the high heat and measure temperatures through the combustion gas and flames. Together these high-quality optics (either with straight or angled lenses) achieve a wide field of view and a resolution of more than 300,000 pixels, producing an excellent infrared image with precise temperature data.

If additional precautions are necessary, the enclosure can also be equipped with pressurized air or water for better cooling or be mounted on an automatic retraction system. The borescope optics are also available in a number of different lengths to suit virtually any application and monitoring need.

LumaSense FurnaceSpection system with a borescope lens and LumaSpec RT software.

Included with FurnaceSpection, LumaSense provides advanced control software allowing simultaneous data acquisition from multiple thermal imaging cameras that can be used for additional analysis, archiving, or integrating with the plant’s local network.

How FurnaceSpection Works

LumaSense Technologies has been developing industrial grade thermal imaging solutions for over 20 years and have deployed custom systems around the globe. With the help of our application engineering team, FurnaceSpection can be customized to monitor nearly any furnace. For example, some spectral filters can be used to avoid the negative influences caused by the burner firing. Alternatively, a different setup of the camera with another spectral filter can be implemented, to make the flame image visible.

A single system is usually enough to monitor a furnace, although additional cameras or pyrometers can also be integrated into the system if necessary. Experienced LumaSense field service engineers will mount the camera for the optimal view of the process through the furnace wall. The camera is connected to a nearby server (typically in the control room), which then connects to the LumaSpec RT software. The temperature data is streamed in real-time and can be sent to the DCS using OPC, Modbus, or IOs (analog and digital).

Thermal image of a melting tank with Regions of Interest (ROIs) drawn to monitor specific areas of the molten glass

Dedicated Market Applications

For glass melting tanks, to ensure that walls (refractory) remain intact and that the melting process is working at its optimum efficiency.

For petrochemical reformers, to ensure the reformer tubes perform optimally for their longest possible life cycle.

In metal annealing applications, to significantly reduce cycle times while at the same time improving quality and process repeatability.

Short-wave Thermal imaging Camera MCS640

Why Continuous Temperature Measurement Matters

At a cost of several thousands of Euros per furnace and re-tubing costs in the millions, a significant amount of capital can be lost if a furnace failure goes unnoticed or if the refractory linings are retired too early or too late. FurnaceSpection is a proven technology that provides critical insight for failure prevention and asset management. It helps operators monitor and control process temperature uniformity and extend the lifetime of the furnace.

Short-wave Thermal imaging Camera MCS640

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