The SWOPP03R sapphire window reflectance probe from Aptifirst

The SWOPP03R sapphire window reflectance probe from Aptifirst was designed to allow NIR (Near Infra-Red) measurements to be taken inside a reaction vessel, injection moulding machine or extruder 

Constructed in stainless steel with a bonded sapphire window, the SWOPP03R has seven bundled 200 micron diameter fibres of high quality optical glass, with a central fibre surround by the remaining six fibres.

The central fibre is used typically as the illumination fibre and the six surrounding fibres as collectors for the light reflected. Fitted with twin industry-standard SMA905 connectors to ease installation and removal, SWOPP03R has a ½”-20-UNF thread to fit a standard transducer port, through other geometries can be supplied. Operating over the visible and NIR range (350-2600nm), it can withstand temperatures to 400°C and pressures to 700 bars.

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