The ethos behind ABLE’s innovative Master Series of metering products is the resolution of demanding application challenges in order to consistently deliver accurate flow measurements during process upsets and fluctuations in composition that would defeat conventional meters.

The core, patented technology at the heart of the Master Series is a dual measurement, intelligent algorithm. The rationale underpinning the Master Series is the application of a high level of processing capacity and an enhanced layer of analytics to the data being generated by a conventional sensor or sensors. The series includes:

  • SlugMasterTM – Intelligent Ultrasonic Flow Meter for heavy aeration, slugging, slurry or solid particle entrainment
  • PhaseMasterTM –  A clamp-on multiphase variant of the SlugMaster, developed to deliver individual phase component measurements in an oil/water/gas stream
  • MudMasterTM – Drilling Mud Outflow Analyser for  real time drilling fluid analysis using an array of non-invasive sensor technologies
  • FlareMasterTM – Extended Velocity, Dual Redundancy Supervisory System designed to enhance the performance of ultrasonic flare gas meters

The brain driving the Master Series is a Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley CompactLogix Controller. It equips the instruments with the ability to data mine and harvest the myriad signals routinely produced by the primary element or sensor that aren’t normally visible or accessible to a standard, associated data processing device or flow computer. ABLE Master Series products are able to interpret and apply this data so as to ensure sustainability of measurement even during the most challenging process upsets and anomalies.

Having previously experimented with a competitor’s controllers, ABLE Identified Rockwell Automation’s Allen Bradley product as highly robust and eminently suited to the harsh process environments to which the Master Series were applied. Subsequently, Rockwell, with more than 100 years of industrial automation experience, assisted ABLE with software conversion to their ladder logic programming platform.


Founded in 1985 with the aim of tackling customer’s challenges by embracing innovation, ABLE Instruments and Controls is a specialised solutions provider, focused on the design, supply and project management of large and small measurement solutions for the oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical, power, utilities and food & beverage sectors.

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