Testo thermal imaging: Accessible technology fuels industry boom

Technology is evolving around us at an ever-increasing rate and with this comes the agreeable challenge of making sure that these new technologies are effectively employed. Testo provide a holistic approach to test and measurement solutions, manufacturing technical instruments to cover the full spectrum of test and measurement requirements thrown up by modern day industry. Environmental monitoring, Gas analysis, emissions monitoring, structural surveying, research and development are just a few areas where Testo instrumentation allows professionals to work to their optimum.  

Thermal imaging, both as a self-contained industry and a tool used in other industries, has seen a particularly significant increase in technological development, usage and accessibility across a range of industries. We are currently in a period of heightened awareness surrounding thermal imaging technology and this knowledge is spreading across industries, accompanied by a hugely encouraging number of new companies integrating this technology into their businesses. As more applications for thermal imaging equipment become apparent, more organisations are seeing the potential benefits that infrared technology can offer.

Universal thermal imaging solutions

As with much industrial instrumentation, the variety of applications where thermal imaging cameras can offer businesses real benefits means that in order to ensure that all parties are catered for, a full range of cameras with different levels of technical specification is necessary. The ability to visualise infrared radiation, and as such, heat patterns and thermal anomalies is hugely useful in a wide variety of areas ranging from the mapping of underfloor heating to the analysis of high temperature thermal processes in research laboratories. This current boom in the adoption of thermal imaging technology is the result of a number of factors coming together in harmony to provide perfect conditions for the technology’s growth.

Thermal imaging cameras have such a vast range of applications that some are only really just beginning to become fully utilised. Structural surveying, electrical inspections, heating & plumbing work, research and preventative maintenance are just some of the key areas currently using thermal technology. This list is only set to grow too as thermal imaging becomes more cost effective and seeps further into mainstream consciousness. Prime examples of this expansion and adoption of thermal technology are insurance companies which are increasingly requiring buildings to undergo thermal surveys in order to meet approval and BREEAM, the world’s foremost environmental rating system for buildings, who now reward sites for having a thermal imaging certificate of energy efficiency.

The rise of entry level cameras

Perhaps the most significant development for thermal imaging technology is the downwards trend in prices and the reduced cost of initial set-up for users due to a rising number of affordable, entry level thermal imagers. Testo has just released the 870 thermal imaging camera – our entry level camera which grants accessibility and affordability to sophisticated technology that was previously not possible.

The testo 870 is priced to allow an affordable entry point to the thermal imaging marketplace. It has been developed specifically for and in partnership with electrical and heating professionals. This direct input from professionals selected from the industries that will primarily be using the 870 thermal camera has allowed Testo to gain unique insight into the needs of the user. Accordingly the testo 870 is a lightweight camera that balances ease-of-use with the impressive technical specification and performance that is synonymous with Testo thermal imaging.

Equipped with a large 3.5 inch display screen and exceptional resolution of 120 x 160 pixels, the testo 870 provides brilliantly clear thermal images and superb value for money. Perfect for visual inspection and surveying of electrical circuit boards or the installation and assessment of plumbing and heating systems, it is the perfect tool for contractors in these industries to increase efficiency and widen the service portfolio that is available to customers.

Even in the last 12 months, we have seen a notable reduction in the cost of previously expensive (and as such relatively exclusive) technology and this has been key to the current explosion in the use of thermal imaging cameras. Further, this increased level of accessibility has allowed for a parallel growth in the knowledge base surrounding the benefits that thermal imaging offers. This in turn has been followed by growth in demand for thermal technology and services. It is apparent then, that a strong link exists between the level of knowledge and information available to the professionals of a given industry and the likelihood of that industry recognising the relevant benefits and adopting new technologies. This coupled with an influx of new, affordable thermal imaging cameras (such as the testo 870) means that the industry is only going to grow.

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