Temperature Monitoring from 1 to 12 sensors in 1 relay

The Ziehl range of digital temperature relays offer an array of temperature protection relays for use with a standard PTC (thermistor) and Pt 100 sensors. They are used in applications which require accurate protection against the damaging effects of heat.  Suitable for use in transformer protection, motor protection, winding protection and temperature monitoring in process applications.

The range offers devices from 1 to 12 sensor inputs, with a selection of outputs – relays, analogue, digital and Ethernet enabled.

Several of the relays for PTC are available with approval for the protection of motors in explosive areas. With ATEX approval the relays are approved for the protection of motors in areas with combustible gases (marking G: gas) or in areas with combustible dust (marking D: dust).

The range is available in Panel or DIN rail mounting with or without a digital display. Ziehl also manufacture a range of sensors PTC and Pt 100 for use with the relays.

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