Tela Technology selects Powelectrics’ Metron IIoT technology to offer customers flood monitoring and protection

In 2020, Tela selected Powelectrics as an IoT partner based on the company’s 30 years’ experience and its proprietary telemetry hardware and software, well-proven across diverse business sectors and applications.

It is a well-matched alliance! Tela has operated at the forefront of business communications for over 30 years, providing solutions to businesses of all sizes across the UK, encompassing mobile, fixed-line, internet and broadband, IT managed services and increasingly …. IoT connectivity! More here.

Tela has a large, existing client base, most of whom will benefit enormously from embracing the Internet of Things. Tela aims to take customers on an IoT journey and is focusing on key sectors, where it feels customers will experience the greatest benefit, starting with flood monitoring and protection.

Widespread floods across large parts of Central England have caused extensive damage to businesses and properties, prompting large evacuation orders and high-water rescues.

Authorities have estimated around £360 million in damages to local businesses, homes, and insurance companies. That’s an average of £32,000 worth of flood damage per property.

If you are concerned for your business and want to protect the public, property and processes, the Tela solution offers an early warning of rising water levels, giving you precious time to act.

Tela is offering the wireless Metron4 flood monitoring solution. It is battery or solar powered and completely independent of any external power. It is able to send regular level data to unlimited recipients, is available on any web-enabled device and will alert when flood thresholds are crossed.

Tela eSIMs provide reliable, flexible and cost-effective mobile data access. The solution is suitable for any M2M/IoT application that requires wireless internet or private network access.

Tony Edwards, Account Director at Tela, explained, “Powelectrics Metron4’s IoT technology device is a reliable, affordable, and well-proven solution. It’s all you need to start your flood monitoring and protect your business with real-time alerts of potential flooding.

“Tela is all about business communication. Powelectrics is an expert in connecting sensors. Together they offer affordable, flexible IOT solutions for those situations when reliable, timely data and alerts really count.”

Dave Oakes, Powelectrics MD, added: “Tela understands that connectivity is essential to gain maximum benefit from your sensor data. They have the experience and infrastructure to guide customers on their IoT journey, with our suite of intuitive, flexible and proven tools, to enable process optimisation, forecasting and strategic decision-making.”

If you would like more information on Tela’s flood monitoring solutions, please contact:

Powelectrics’ Metron4 m2m hardware and MetronView cloud are deployed globally, in many industries encompassing chemical, pharmaceutical, Adblue, fuel, oil, food manufacture, waste and recycling, agriculture, utilities, pumping, metering, the environment, rail & security.

For further information or to discuss your application, please call Powelectrics on +44 (0)1827 310 666, use this contact form or send the company an email –

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