Tektronix receives expanded NABL accreditation for calibration service in India

Tektronix has announced the expansion of its National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) accreditation at the Bangalore service laboratory.

The expanded NABL accreditation means that the company can now perform added electrical and RF calibration, and can now provide accredited onsite calibration for all parameters covered under the NABL laboratory scope.

This will provide customers in the semiconductor, electronics and electrical manufacturing and R&D, telecom manufacturing and R&D, industrial, medical equipment manufacturing and R&D, and IT service delivery sectors with a single source calibration provider for their entire instrument inventory.

The Bangalore lab is now accredited to calibrate the following types of instruments: Oscilloscope Calibrators/Fast Edge Generators, Frequency Spectrum Analyzers, Signal Generators, Bridges, Communication Testers, Counters, Network Analyzers, Arbitrary/Function Generators, Sampling Oscilloscopes/Sampling Modules/TDRs, Digital DC Voltage and Current Sources and Meters, Digital DC Ohmeters and Sources, Digital AC Current and Voltage Meters, Digital Multi-Meters, DC Shunt, Meg-ohmmeter, Electrometers, DC Resistance Boxes, DC Power Supply, Multiparameter Simulators, Clamp Meters and more.

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