TE Connectivity finds early success in first year of 2030 sustainability plan

One year into the company’s 2030 One Connected World strategy, TE Connectivity, a world leader in connectivity and sensors, has continued to improve how it designs, manufactures and ships its products in its first steps toward meeting sustainability goals announced last year.

Over the past year, TE’s efforts have put the company on-track to meet several 2030 sustainability goals by beginning to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, energy use and water withdrawal. TE also has impacted more than 650,000 people through STEM grants from TE and the TE Connectivity Foundation to inspire the next generation of sustainable engineers, well toward its goal of 3 million people by 2030.

“TE collaborates closely with our customers to create sustainable technology like electric vehicles and more efficient data centers, as well as solutions to ensure renewable energy sources like wind turbines and solar panels get connected to the grid,” said CEO Terrence Curtin. “Since our products empower technologies that reduce humanity’s impact on the planet, it is important to TE that they are created in a sustainable way. I’m pleased that our employees, customers and owners have responded to our One Connected World strategy with an incredible show of support and excitement and I’m confident in our ability to deliver on our commitments.”

In order to meet the 2030 goals, sustainability is a part of every TE initiative, large and small. In TE’s facilities, two manufacturing sites in Germany achieved a net zero carbon footprint in 2020 by generating their own solar energy and supporting climate protecting projects. On the product side, TE innovated upon one of its core manufacturing processes–plating–to save energy with a new surface technology for automotive parts that consumes a fraction of the water and reduces energy consumption by 35%. Working to improve upon shipping practices, TE piloted the use of a more sustainable way to package products for shipment that requires 30% less wrapping material and is 100% recyclable.

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