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A 36ch. Smart Gas Flowmeter Calibration System

Over the past 40 years, Chell have designed and built custom test and calibration systems for many of the most demanding and mission-critical applications. Our senior engineers have all experienced the demands of working in a UKAS accredited calibration laboratory and so are able to assess our customer’s measurement and control needs quickly and be ready to work with them to provide test and calibration solutions for their products.

Our service encompasses the entire system design including the incorporation and management of calibration standards, any automation needed with its PLCs, PCs and associated software, product handling systems and all the support these will need in service. A large part of any installation is the training of your staff and any hand-holding they may need after commissioning, all part of the Chell comprehensive service. We will work with your quality

Sample holders from a Gas Turbine Smoke Meter

team to ensure that the uncertainty budgets associated with the equipment we supply are suitable for your needs and will incorporate their management in the system controlling software.

Many of the bespoke test systems we have supplied over the years have gone on to become products in their own right and it is a measure of the reliability of our systems that many are still giving good service over 30 years after their original plant installation.


Gas meter development Test Set

If you have a need to find test solutions for a product or service involving the measurement of Pressure, Vacuum or Gas Flow, then give us a call, you’ll find that our engineers will be keen to help.


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