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More efficient mining with innovative multisensor technology

A new sensor fusion technique based on X-ray and 3D imaging promises improvements to the 3D modelling of mineral resources and more efficient sorting of precious metals. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) is coordinating the sensor development process through an EU project called X-Mine in collaboration with businesses, …

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VTT speeds up the Finnish electronics industry ecosystem

VTT has launched an electronics sector innovation ecosystem aimed at creating a permanent collaboration model to reinforce the international competitiveness of Finnish electronics industry companies. The cornerstones of the ecosystem are applied research projects that focus particularly on refining the semiconductors and photonics technologies to a pre-commercial stage. Companies that …

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The Planck satellite led to a group of Finnish researchers winning the respected Gruber prize

Finnish researchers are now among the world’s best known cosmologists and astronomers thanks to the 2018 Gruber prize awarded to the ESA’s Planck consortium. Among the recipients of the prize are VTT Senior Scientist Jussi Varis and the CEO of JoyHaptics Ltd, Jussi Tuovinen, who also has a background at …

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