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Ensuring semiconductor quality by getting up close

In the electronics and semiconductor industry, the trend over many decades has been to miniaturise components to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for wearable and mobile devices that have far more processing power than many desktop computers. In the 21st century, miniaturisation enables a myriad of tiny yet functionality-packed integrated circuits …

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Diodes Incorporated wins prestigious Manufacturing Site of the Year award

Diodes Incorporated‘s manufacturing facilities in Oldham have been declared the UK electronic systems industry’s best in 2019 at the TechWorks Awards. Testament to Diodes’ manufacturing prowess, the three-strong shortlist also featured a second Diodes site. The awards celebrate the year’s key electronics innovations, people and companies from across the UK and …

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Presto Engineering upgrades Europe’s largest independent semiconductor testing facility to ISO 9001:2015 standard

Semiconductors play increasingly important control roles in automotive, industrial and safety critical applications. Quality and reliability are therefore of vital importance and so Presto Engineering has completed certification to the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard at its facility in Caen, France, which is Europe’s largest independent semiconductor test facility. “We have …

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