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Visual inspection in nuclear environments

Resolve Optics has reported on how its non-browning lenses are helping a specialist camera manufacturer to supply a turnkey solution for monitoring remote operations in high radiation environments. For the high radiation environments experienced in Nuclear Power stations, Nuclear fuel recycling plant and high energy physics facilities, conventional TV cameras …

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Improving surveillance of coastal erosion

Resolve Optics has reported on how ultra  large format lenses it has developed are helping a next generation aerial surveillance camera gain data on coastal erosion faster and in more detail. Coastal erosion is a main environmental concern which requires accurate aerial data. Aerial surveillance specialists – IMAO SAS have …

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Resolve Optics contributes to space projects

Resolve Optics has reported on its active participation in designing and supplying robust optical systems for a range of different space projects over the last few years. Many different types of optical imaging and sensing systems are today used to observe and measure the Earth and the universe at large. However, …

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