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Small but powerful photosensors help wrap chocolate

In factories producing fast-moving consumer goods, automated packaging operations are the norm. Confectionery products are no exception; in high-volume production, manufacturers pack sealed bags of candy in cardboard cartons, which are in turn stacked for shrink- wrapping and palletisation. Packed cartons arrive for shrink-wrapping in uniform stacks. A wrapping machine …

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Miniature photoelectric distance measurement modules help robots avoid gripper collisions

Collision avoidance is an absolute priority for automation engineers implementing robotic handling systems. At worst, a collision can result in injury to a human co-worker; at best, damage to static infrastructure or other equipment. Either way, the implications are serious for any organisation, an accident is costly and potentially tragic. …

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Photoelectric sensors keep robots sweet

During high-speed production of retail bags, a confectionery manufacturer conveys individual bags of sweets to a pick-and-place packing robot for secondary packaging. A highly reliable diffuse-mode photoelectric sensor, mounted beside the conveyor, detects the presence of bags as they approach the packing station and inhibits the pick-and-place sequence if no …

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