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ACOEM scales up its air monitoring capabilities with acquisition of DynOptic Systems

ACOEM Group has broadened its technical expertise and market presence in air and gas monitoring following the acquisition of DynOptic Systems, a specialist manufacturing company that designs and produces a range of continuous emissions monitoring sensors and instruments. The acquisition includes DynOptic Systems’ subsidiary business, Tunnel Sensors, a world leader …

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Gas monitoring in frozen and dried food storage

There are many different approaches to food preservation for extending the lifetimes of perishable goods. From pickling, salting, canning or jellying, all of these approaches have different effects on the properties of the preserved produce and are suitable for different types of food. Two of the most widely used methods …

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Measuring the methane component of GHG emissions

With recent increases in global methane emissions, international efforts are underway to monitor and control the emissions of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas (GHG). Following the success of the inaugural Industrial Methane Measurement (IMM) Conference in 2017, the second IMM will take place in 2019 to address this vitally important …

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