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NeuraLink makes significant advancement in mapping human mind with machines

On Tuesday the San Francisco based company NeuraLink revealed their latest brain implant. Shrouded in secrecy for two years, the Elon Musk backed startup hopes to connect the human brain with computers. NeuraLink aims to treat brain disorders, help people who had traumatic injuries by creating a brain-machine interface, and …

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Copenhagen researchers break quantum limit in precision of force and position measurements

Researchers of the Schliesser Lab at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, have pushed the precision of force and position measurements into a new regime. Their experiment is the first to surpass the so-called “Standard Quantum Limit”, or SQL, which arises in the most common (and successful) optical techniques …

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Mecmesin OmniTest Machine Demo by the Duchess of Sussex at University of Chichester Tech Park Opening

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex officially opened the University of Chichester’s new Engineering and Digital Technology Park on 3 October 2018. Part of the tour of the £35million development, based at the Bognor Regis campus, was a visit to the Department of Engineering and Design. The laboratory features several …

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