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Improving cereal storage facilities with gas sensing

Storage of cereal crops and other foodstuffs is an essential part of ensuring a sustainable and robust food supply. Cereal crops are typically harvested between mid-July to mid-September but with careful storage can be kept for periods longer than a year. Successful storage of cereals involves the balance of a …

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Nanosensor can alert a smartphone when plants are stressed

MIT engineers have developed a way to closely track how plants respond to stresses such as injury, infection, and light damage, using sensors made of carbon nanotubes. These sensors can be embedded in plant leaves, where they report on hydrogen peroxide signaling waves. Plants use hydrogen peroxide to communicate within …

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Three technologies revolutionising the agricultural industry

The Rusmoloko Farms, in the Russian district of Ramensky, is equipping its dairy cows with virtual reality (VR) goggles, showing the animals green, sunny meadows in an effort to boost their mood and increase milk production. At the moment, VR for cows is just an isolated experiment, but there are other …

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