State of the Art Thermal Imaging Cameras from just £2,690

Process Parameters offers the highly versatile Optris PI series of infrared thermal imaging cameras designed for a multitude of Industrial Process and Research and Development applications.  They record full frame video at speeds of up to 120 Hz making them ideal for fast moving processes, and being very small in size, extremely robust and IP67 rated, they can be located practically anywhere.

 Available with optional temperature ranges up to 1850°C, they provide real time thermal images and video, and can be used for portable and fixed applications. These state of the art compact cameras come with a choice of interchangeable lenses and adjustable focus.

The entry level PI160 has 160 x 120 pixels (each of which is a discrete temperature sensor) and at only £2,690 (including software) offers great value for money.  Superior optics allow target objects as small as 1.5mm (3 pixels) to be measured with the utmost of accuracy at a measuring rate of 120 Hz. These features make this thermal imager an excellent choice for many process automation applications and for use in test stations and in R&D.

The bi-spectral PI200 displays an infrared image with a visual image, and is ideal for locating hot spots on complex equipment such as highly populated PCB boards where identification of problem components is difficult on a pure infrared image. Other applications include waste bins and conveyor belts.

The PI400 & PI450 high resolution cameras come with 382 x 288 pixels, the PI400 with 80mK, and the PI450 with the highest temperature sensitivity of 40mK is ideal for research projects where the slightest temperature change is important such as product quality inspections or medical prophylaxis.

The PI400 and PI450 Lightweight infrared cameras combine a reengineered version of the high resolution PI400 or PI450 cameras along with an ultra-lightweight miniaturised Windows PC providing a complete thermal imaging package for use in small UAV and Drone applications.

Optris PI Connect software is supplied for free with each Optris PI infrared camera, so you can gather data from your process in real time or with recorded data. It has no licensing constraints allowing you to install it as many times as necessary within your organisation. The Optris thermal imager has to be connected to a PC via a USB connection for both powering the camera and transferring data to the PC. A standalone alternative can be achieved by connection to the Optris PI NetBox miniaturised computer.

– Automatic hot and cold spot detection

– Output data as full frame video, stills or raw data

– Download data for traceability / quality records

– Line scanning function for conveyor belts

– Alarm facility

– Integration with existing Ethernet network

A full range of accessories for the thermal imagers is available. Without additional protection, each of our infrared cameras is suitable for use up to 50°C ambient temperature. For applications where this may be exceeded we offer a cooling jacket which allows use up to 240°C when water cooled (100°C with air). We can also supply other environmental protection equipment and high temperature USB cables.

Whether you are a University department, a pharmaceutical company or an industrial manufacturing company we would love to hear from you.  To talk to an expert in thermography, or request a quote or demonstration please call 01628 778688 or email

Process Parameters acts as the UK distributor for the Optris range of thermal imaging cameras and infrared sensors.  We also supply a full range of standard and bespoke temperature probes including Pt100s and thermocouples.

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