StanTronic Instruments presents Apple watch to XP power

Test & Measurement equipment distributer, StanTronic Instruments, had the pleasure in presenting an Apple Watch to prize winner Stephen Dodson, Engineering Manager at XP Power in the UK

Stephen was one of the lucky winners of the GW Instek prize draw which was organised to celebrate their 30th anniversary of manufacturing high quality electronic test & measurement equipment.

Stephen is a very satisfied user of GW Instek products and owns some of their Hi-Pot Safety Testers. XP Power is a leading provider of power solutions, including AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC converters.

They have decided that they will auction the watch in aid of their chosen charity, Breast Cancer Now, so the proceeds will go to a very worthy cause.

For details of GW Instek products, please contact StanTronic Instruments UK on 01604 832521 or email

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