Specialist flowmeter for challenging applications

Whether for custody transfer or to meet stringent product quality requirements, accurate flow and density measurement is essential in many industrial applications. Historically, entrained gases and unstable process conditions have had an adverse effect on these measurements. But now Endress+Hauser has developed a flowmeter that is up to the challenge: Promass Q.

In the past, extremely accurate flow and density measurements have only been possible under ideal conditions in a laboratory. In the real world, sudden changes in pressure and temperature during processing can impair the accuracy. This results in either a fluctuation in product quality – one batch of ice cream is softer, the next is thicker – or, in the case of custody transfer, incorrect billing. With this in mind, the Promass Q has been developed specifically for these kinds of challenging and often critical applications.

High-precision measurement

Unprecedented temperature immunity has been achieved through multiple high-accuracy sensors placed at optimal locations and backed by rigorous testing. Pressure effects are mitigated to new lows through an optimised tube shape and a patented bracing technique. The sensor simultaneously features the lowest pressure losses of all current Coriolis devices.

Patented technology

Mass flow errors are often due to the presence of very small bubbles trapped within a fluid (entrained gas), which are difficult to physically remove.  Promass Q takes an innovative new approach to overcoming the problem of accurately measuring fluids with entrained gas. It’s down to a revolutionary and patented new technique in Coriolis metering called ‘Multi-Frequency Technology’ (MFT). With MFT the measurement tubes are excited at two different resonant frequencies simultaneously. The additional measurement information allows the error to be eliminated, resulting in hitherto unprecedented measurement precision.

As with all new-generation Proline devices, the Promass Q features Heartbeat Technology for verification during operation. The self-diagnostics provide reliable and documented proof that the flowmeter is performing according to specification, without having to remove it from the line.


Promass Q guarantees unmatched accuracy for mass flow, volume flow and density determination and is suitable for a range of process control applications, including:

  • Error-free measurement in custody transfer applications in mass or volume units within the oil and gas industry
  • Highly accurate fluid density measurement and concentration determination serving as a final product quality indicator, such as in the food industry.


Promass Q in the food & beverage industry

In the food industry, one goal stands above all else: hygiene. However, final product quality is also critical, such as the right consistency of liquid food products or the correct concentration of added ingredients. Providing a high-precision measurement of fluid density ensures that quality characteristics can be monitored and maintained around the clock.

In addition, with the application of MFT, measurement errors associated with entrained gas are reduced to new lows for many applications commonly found in the food industry. Here gases are often purposefully injected into food products – such as ice cream and cream cheese – to form a desired product quality. Conversely, as is the case with milk delivery systems, air becomes unintentionally introduced through transport and unloading processes. Measurement errors, no matter whether they are due to desired or unintentional air entrainment, are now a thing of the past.


Promass Q in the oil & gas industry

Within the oil and gas industry, hydrocarbons are typically traded in volume units. For mass flowmeters this means that density determination has to be highly precise in order to accurately determine volume flow. With Promass Q, which offers the best density measurement under real-world process and ambient conditions, volume flow can be directly determined and output with unparalleled accuracy. In addition, thanks to high repeatability, Promass Q is:

  • The meter of choice for measuring points that are regularly proved in accordance with API MPMS 4.8.
  • Ideally suited as a traceable reference device for high-precision on-site calibrations.

Also in the oil industry, Promass Q with MFT adds significant value to tackling the accurate measurement of liquids with entrained gas. These are, but not limited to:

  • Gas-saturated fluids that will outgas when exposed to pressure changes
  • Light hydrocarbons and cryogenics that are highly prone to flashing
  • Viscous heavy crudes and emulsions that will tightly hold gases in suspension.

To find out more about Coriolis flow measurement, watch our video.


For more information about Promass Q, call 0161 286 5050 or visit www.uk.endress.com.

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