Specialist Calibration Services Available On-Site or Off-Site

A specialist calibration service for electrical and electronic test and measurement equipment combines full technical compliance with the flexibility of mobile‚ on-site working.

Calibrationhouse has extensive experience in the calibration‚ service and repair of all types of electrical test instrumentation – from general purpose equipment such as multimeters and 17th edition to the higher spec equipment used in niche markets such as the appliance manufacturing, electromedical and high voltage sectors.

Accredited to ISO9001:2008, UKAS calibration with assured traceability to national standards is provided at the company’s County Durham headquarters (Seaward Electronic UKAS Laboratory 0809)‚ where the company has long established technical expertise working with many global market leading instrumentation brands. These include Fluke, Agilent, Tektronix, Bio-tek, GMC, Megger, and Chauvin Arnoux.

However‚ this is also complemented by the national availability of an expanded team of highly trained and qualified engineers providing specialist on-site calibration services at customer premises.

Gone are the days where indispensable equipment had to be sent away to be calibrated. The Calibrationhouse team can now visit your premises to calibrate your equipment at a time and place to suit you.

As a result, downtimes for vital test equipment are minimised whilst maintaining high standards of workmanship‚ technical expertise and accuracy.

The high level of service provides everything required to manage your calibration requirements from start to finish, including the provision of after sales service and support.

Our dedicated service and calibration personnel offer a high quality on-site service that:

  • Helps reduce the downtime of your equipment and increase efficiency for your business
  • Avoids risk of damage to your equipment during transit
  • Saves on freight and shipping costs
  • Eliminates the need for expensive hire equipment whilst yours is off-site for calibration
  • Interational Coverage
  • Includes calibration adjustments where possible
  • Can be tailored to suit you

As a result‚ the fast and efficient calibration service now available from Calibrationhouse means that instruments can continue to meet their required performance specifications with minimum disruption to working practices. Click here for direct access to the special Request a Quote service.

Further details from the Calibrationhouse are available on 0191 587 8736 or via

info@calibrationhouse.com or at www.calibrationhouse.com

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