Sound and vibration seminar for aerospace and automotive

Acsoft’s technical seminars have been very popular over the last couple of years so we’re holding another one in September titled “New sound and vibration technologies for automotive and aerospace applications”. It’s on the 15th September 2015 at Ashorne Hill in Warwickshire which is a lovely mansion house that can trace its roots back to 1077, just 11 years after the Battle of Hastings!

The seminar is run in conjunction with GRAS UK, and will cover new ground on sound quality and noise source location and propagation with new products and new software and all focussed on aerospace and automotive applications. It will also be looking at 3D mapping, microphones, impedance tubes, the list goes on. This is going to be very much a “hands-on” event so we’ll try and keep lecturing from the front to a minimum.

There is no charge for this event but places are limited so you do need to book your place as soon as possible. To reserve your place and to get a detailed agenda as soon as it’s available then email us at or call us on 01296 682686. If you want to have a look at some of our products then just click here

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