Smart TFT Displays for HMI Applications

Independent distributor Craft Data Ltd and their partner Beijing DWIN Technology, a developer and manufacturer of Embedded Smart TFT display modules further their commitment to building long term customer partnerships here in the UK by offering free development samples and direct technical support for both hardware and software by a dedicated team of engineers based directly in the factory. With DWIN’s extensive choice of smart displays, powerful development tools plus local and factory support we believe we can reduce your development times and enable you to build a very cost-effective HMI solution with the right display and a powerful graphical user interface. DWIN’s smart display modules and their dedicated support have helped many well-known worldwide brands within the industrial, medical, white goods and auto/aero markets develop their human machine interface solutions.

The Smart display range starts at a 1.5” 240×240 resolution size and goes up to a 21.5” 1920×1080 full HD resolution and encompasses all the key display sizes in-between including bar type or letterbox variants. DWIN’s direct partnership with the TFT display manufacturers allows them to guarantee their displays have a strong stable supply plus their close partnerships gives them the ability to bring new displays and display technology to the embedded systems market very quickly and competitively as part of their Smart Display range. The complete smart display range can be supplied both with and without touch functionality with both resistive and capacitive technologies being supported with a full custom touch cover plate and screen-printing service also available.

At the heart of the Smart Display range is DWIN’s own powerful T5L ASIC dual-core 8051 processor and DWIN’s own DGUS II development architecture which allows system designers to develop their graphical user interface (including touch functionality) using images, fonts and music files created in popular software like photoshop etc.. These can be quickly and simply imported into the Smart Display’s FLASH memory reducing the amount of development time usually associated in creating your dynamic GUI.

Many of the displays within the range utilize the IPS display technology producing wide viewing angles and an all-view viewing direction, this enables the displays to be used in both landscape and portrait orientations without the loss of image quality or colour change. All the displays feature both FLASH and RAM memory with the standard COB variants also including an expansion memory SD card slot, communication to peripheral devices is provided by integrated serial interfaces, TTL/RS232/RS485 and CAN plus a Wifi-10 interface is also available on some models. The standard operating temperature range is -20°C to +70°C, however with many applications now requiring operation in harsh environments we can also offer variants that have an ultra-wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C as well as high brightness daylight viewing options.

DWIN’s philosophy is to be always looking to the future so they can be ready to meet the demands of tomorrow’s OEMs. With the trend to make the next generation of product smaller and lighter, DWIN have developed their COF (chip on flex) range of smart modules. The chip-on-flex technology makes the chip-on-board PCB redundant as the display module’s FPC now also includes DWIN’s latest T5L0 ASIC dual-core 8051 processor as well as 8MB of FLASH memory delivering the same powerful performance as their COB counterparts but within a very compact package.

The majority of DWIN’s smart display range are supplied as a display component to be integrated into your own equipment enclosure or housing, however some display sizes can also be supplied within their own industrial enclosure which is designed to be dropped into a cut out in a face plate or fascia making them an ideal solution if you are designing an HMI for a large piece of machinery within an industrial environment.

For applications requiring something very specific that possibly a standard product will not meet the requirements of, please do speak to us as full and semi customisation is available across the complete range with volumes and costs maybe less than you think.

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