Small intelligent displays speedup development

MMS Electronics Ltd (MMS-e) has available a range of small intelligent displays with optional touch-screens. The 2.8” EA eDIP128-6 (128×64) and 3.3” EA eDIP160-7 (160×104) are available in blue background with white characters and white background with black characters. (FSTN).

The EA eDIP intelligent displays enable companies to improve product to market time and reduce development cost. Within minutes of opening the box the EA eDIP displays function immediately. Pre-integrated with all driving electronics, flash memory, backlight drivers, I/O and optional touch-screen functionality, the display is ready to be connected by serial, SPI or I²C interface to the host processor or when using a simple level converter USB, RS-232 or RS-485 is available.

Engineers can create attractive layouts without writing lots of code. The displays offer integrated fonts with zoom function. New True-type fonts can be loaded to the onboard display memory with the free software tools.  More than 112 embedded graphic commands are available to create impressive screen layouts. Drawing lines or boxes, bar graph, select portrait or landscape mode, 90º rotation, pull down menus, BMP, JPG or GIF bitmaps import and commands for the analogue touch–screen reduce the development time significantly. Bitmap pictures and macro programs can be stored on the display to be called up from the touch-screen or from a controller connected to the serial, I2C or SPI interface.

The display includes a terminal mode function where all incoming characters are displayed in ASCII format. (Except some of the control characters). By programming the power-on macro the terminal window size, font and font size can be pre-set. The power-on macro can for example also be used to display and animate the company logo while the main controller takes time to power up or is servicing other tasks.

The displays have 8 free programmable inputs and outputs. These can be used for connection to pushbuttons, switches or LED indication. Should extra outputs be required then the output port can be expanded. See datasheet for an example. Display supply voltage is +3.3V or +5V. 

An evaluation board EA EVAL-eDIP is offered to kick start developing with the intelligent displays. The evaluation board provides serial, I2C, SPI interface and also USB, RS232, and RS485. The DIP switches on the adapter boards allow test and set-up of the display address function. Eight push buttons and LED’s are connected to the display I/O. The USB port is used to power and communicate to the LCD development tools on the PC.  Many code examples are included with the software.

The EA eDIP128 is the smallest display in the intelligent series. 6 display sizes up to 7.0” are available. (2.8”, 3.2”, 4.2”, 4.3”, 5.7” and 7.0”).  The 3.2”, 4.3”, 5.7” and 7.0” are full colour TFT displays.

The EA eDIPTFT displays include powerful commands for analogue rotary / gauge or bar graphs instruments. These instruments are generated with just a few simple commands.  The eDIPTFT5.7 and EA eDIPTFT7.0 include a 1W amplifier for acoustic feedback into an 8-ohm speaker. Sound can be used for simple clicks, notes and warning messages. 

MMS Electronics supplies stylish black bezels for all EA eDIP intelligent display. Two clips are supplied to attach the display to the bezel. Four studs are used to screw the bezel to the panel or enclosure.  

MMS Electronics Ltd is a supplier of Electronic Assembly Gmbh LCD, TFT, OLED, ePaper, DOG chip-on-glass, eDIP intelligent displays, IcNexus Android OS displays with I2C and serial ports, display bezels, touch-screens and Storm keypads. 

In addition MMS Electronics supplies sensor products from Smartec BV and Excelera.

  • SMT16030 Digital temperature sensors with PWM output.

  • SMT IRMOD09 Calibrated Infra-red temperature sensor,I2C output.

  • SMT SPD Digital and analogue pressure sensors.

  • SMT UTI Digital sensor transducers for resistive and capacitive measurements. THE SMT UTI has 16 modes and can measure capacitance starting at 0 to 2pF.

  • UFDC-1 Universal Frequency-to-Digital Converters with RS232, SPI and I2C interface. These transducers can measure frequency signals, RPM, pulse, PWM, phase shift with an accuracy of 0.0005%. 

  • USTI-MOB Low power Universal sensor and Transducer Interface starting at 15 µA. Ideal for battery powered application.

  • USTI-EXT Universal sensor and transducer interface for extended temperature (-55ºC to +150ºC) for use in or near gearboxes, engines, exhaust systems and brakes. 

Please contact MMS Electronics Ltd with your display or sensor enquiries.

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