Size does matter! DJB Instruments launch world’s smallest IEPE accelerometer

DJB Instruments (UK) Ltd announces the launch of the worlds smallest and lightest integral electronics piezo-electric (IEPE) stainless steel accelerometer. At just 5.7mm long, 3.5mm wide and just 2.3mm high the A/128/V weighs in at a miniscule 0.19grams making it virtually invisible to the item under test in terms of mass loading.

Utilising a mechanically pre-loaded shear plate sensing element due to its limited size, the A/128/V is relatively free from strain induced error and is available with a range of voltage output sensitivities including 1mV/g, 5mV/g and 10mV/g. Each accelerometer is supplied with a 0.5m or 1.0m integral softline cable with a microdot 10/32 UNF connector and a removal tool to ensure minimum damage due to shock impact when removing the adhesive mounted accelerometer.

Based on the A/28 charge output accelerometer that has for many years led the field in ultra-miniature accelerometer design and performance, the A/128/V has already proven itself in a number of customer applications where delicate equipment required measurement. With an important added benefit of being repairable if the integral cable should be damaged this ensures maximum return on investment.

Commenting on the launch, DJB’s Managing Director, Neill Ovenden said ‘As you would expect from an innovative British engineering manufacturer we are always looking to introduce products that push the extremes of possibility, the new A/128/V follows our ground breaking high temperature IEPE accelerometer range released in 2013, which incidentally is also available on the A/128/V.’

Available to order now, the A/128/V and A/128/V/HT (High temperature version) are both on the DJB website  with full datasheets ready for download.

For more details and to receive a quotation call Sales on +44 (0) 1638 712 288 or email

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