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Shawcity are the UK strategic channel partner for City Technology (incorporating Sensoric GmbH), one of the world’s leading manufacturers in gas sensing technology.

Shawcity are attending the Sensors and Instrumentation Show 2015 as it represents the best in current sensor technology, which we believe we offer. We are also keen to ensure we maintain our position at the forefront of industry knowledge and expertise through shared industry knowledge.

Offering a comprehensive range of high performance sensors of over 200 products detecting 28 gases, our sensors are available in a number of different formats to suit specific applications.

Whether you monitor common hazardous gases or more exotic gases, we have a solution in a format to suit the precise requirements of almost any specific application and instrument.


3 series
The original City Technology sensor (interchangeable with the 7 series)
4 series
The industry standard for portable gas detectors
5 series
Premium gas sensors designed to ensure optimal performance within harsh environments such as flue gas analysers and combustion efficiency monitors
7 series
Suited to general gas detection applications including oxygen and toxic gases
Our smallest, most compact sensors
Designed for high quality CO detection in residential and commercial environments
Measure the number of target gas molecules in the light path between source and detector
Available in ‘mini’ housing or supplied with adaptors to fit the 4 and 7 Series. Also available with 4-20mA transmitter boards.
Pellistors (Catalytic Bead)
Employ catalytic combustion to measure combustible gases or vapours in air up to the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) of the gas.

We work with many businesses and organisations operating in fields as diverse as medical, metal processing, chemical, automotive, agriculture, pharmaceutical, textiles, water & waste water treatment, mining, pulp & paper processing, gas detection/monitoring manufacturers, petrochemical, utilities and university research.

There are three main applications for our sensors:

Industrial Safety Electrochemical
Protection against high levels of toxic gases. Catalytic bead and infrared sensors are used to detect explosive gases, warning operators when it is unsafe to enter or if there is any risk of a change in environmental conditions.

A range of sensors to measure toxic gas emissions and oxygen within gas flues. For domestic environments, you’ll find these sensors monitoring the combustion efficiency of heating systems. In industrial applications, emissions sensors are used to monitor the combustion process in boilers, burners, furnaces and for monitoring stack emission levels.

Used extensively in the healthcare sector. We have sensors that monitor oxygen in anaesthesia gas within ventilators and incubators, carbon monoxide levels in lung function tests and smoking cessation programmes and NO and NO2 in inhaled nitric oxide therapy.

This year we will be showcasing the new long-life oxygen sensor now available from City Technology, which is designed to work in an analyser for five years – the entire life of an instrument – and therefore far outperforms its predecessors.

The 4/5OxLL oxygen sensor builds on the company’s extensive experience in the design and manufacture of toxic gas sensors. Based on field-proven toxic sensor design principles, the new 4OxLL is available in the industry-standard 4 Series housing and the 5OxLL in the 5 Series housing.

These sensors are based on electrochemical pump technology; they do not contain a consumable anode (lead) used in galvanic oxygen sensors, so helping to reduce field failures and improve performance over their lifetime.

Designed to measure oxygen in the range 0-30%, their compact size makes the sensors an ideal choice for portable instrumentation for use in industrial safety applications.

An important enhancement for our customers is the fact the oxygen pump has been designed to be maintenance-free and stable for long periods. It uses technology from both the original oxygen and toxic gas CiTiceLs, which results in a direct response to volume concentration rather than partial pressure.

Another key feature of the design is the capillary diffusion barrier, which limits the access of gas to the sensing electrode. The electrode is therefore able to react to all target gas as it reaches its surface and still have electrochemical activity in reserve. This high activity reserve ensures each CiTiceL has a long life and excellent temperature stability. The 4/5OxLL is designed to work in a potentiostatic circuit with the reference electrode at a more positive potential than the sensing electrode.

The benefits of the 4/5OxLL sensors include dramatically reducing field failures and unplanned downtime and a lower cost of ownership through reduced instrument maintenance and service. The environmental robustness of the sensor reduces false alarms through minimised environmental transient response with a reduced need for sensor replacement.

The precise monitoring of compounds/gases is becoming ever more important in today’s processing and manufacturing industries, and the steady miniaturisation of sensor technology makes this increasingly easy to integrate with other instrumentation and control systems.


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